What we do


From concept through to completion, we craft designs that perfectly align with your lifestyle and aspirations.

space planning

By collaborating closely with you, we’ll assess your current layouts and any constraints, taking into careful consideration your specific functional needs.

If needed, we’ll partner with architects and structural engineers to determine what we believe to be the most effective working layouts.

Our aim is to create spaces that cultivate harmony and balance, encourage seamless flow and cohesion, and serve as the ideal blank canvas for the beautiful outcome you envision.

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

We have years of experience in making the hardest working areas not just efficient and practical but beautifully sophisticated aswell, often injecting bespoke elements for that added feeling of luxury.

Every detail is meticulously planned and highly personal to the individual.

Lighting Design

Integral to any good design and about so much more than light. We understand how to utilise and layer lighting to enhance any mood and atmosphere whilst meeting the practical needs of spaces.

From task lighting plans for electrical contractors to the specification any supply of elaborate feature fittings we can offer complete lighting schemes for any project.

Bespoke Joinery & Furniture Design

Working with a trusted network of suppliers and fitters we specialise in the design and supply of bespoke and custom made joinery and furniture items.

Made to measure elements and individual furniture pieces not only maximise every inch of your spaces potential but they offer an additional level of luxury tailored to your specific needs and that can truly reflect your individual style.

Soft Furnishings

Working with a close network of highly talented seamstresses and suppliers we can offer soft furnishing solutions for any project ranging from upholstery and wall panelling to window dressings and accessories.

Soft furnishings offer a wonderful opportunity for embellishment and detail adding complexity and character to any scheme.


Once the custom design is approved we provide detailed and exhaustive specifications of all agreed items complete with costings and lead times.

We can oversee the ordering of all necessary elements, liaise with suppliers and manufacturers and oversee the delivery and installation schedule to ensure a seamless transition from concept to installation.

Whether working with us as part of a larger project or just looking for that perfect unusual piece to finish off a room we source items from a large network of exclusive suppliers and trusted outlets.

Turnkey Services

Whether a luxury home or a commercial project some clients prefer us to take control of the whole process from start to finish.

This allows the client to have one point of contact whilst we take responsibility for the design, procurement, installation, snagging, quality control and final staging of the property.

The Process

At ORSA Interiors we follow a well-defined 4-stage process for each of our projects, this ensures that every project we undertake is executed with precision, creativity, and a keen focus on client satisfaction, resulting in spaces that are both stunning and tailored to your unique needs.


This process forms the foundation for your entire project and is developed through in-depth consultations with you. We take the time to understand you, your goals, aspirations, as well as your personalities and lifestyles.

Together, we discuss practical, creative, and financial parameters for the project. As part of this process, we typically conduct a site visit to gain insights into your space and identify any potential structural changes that may be necessary.


Our goal is to transform the insights we’ve gathered during our consultation into an authentic realisation of your requirements.

In this stage, we present you with floor plans, suggested furniture arrangements, propose fixtures, and fittings, including any bespoke elements, all complemented by mood board presentations showcasing potential finishes and inspirational room imagery.


This is the stage where we dive into the complete development of your design concept.

We’ll be actively working on the creation of detailed technical drawings, which are essential for crafting custom furniture and joinery elements, as well as the production of lighting plans, small power plans, and installation instructions for on-site contractors.

These documents will all be presented to you for approval before we send them to suppliers and contractors, along with comprehensive product specifications, detailed cost breakdowns, and lead time schedules.


Once you’ve approved the designs, schedule, and cost estimates, we’ll take charge of bringing your vision to life.

We’ll provide you with the technical drawings and conduct regular site visits to ensure that the work aligns with the detailed plans and specifications.

Our team will handle the procurement of specific items and oversee delivery schedules while keeping you informed every step of the way.

We can also manage the snagging process, and once it’s completed, we even offer comprehensive shopping and staging services to showcase the design results at their best and as originally intended.

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